Welcome to my photo gallery website. I enjoy photography and making YouTubes. Some of these are travel photos from far away places; some are in my own backyard. Some tell a story either individually or as part of a series, some just show an image that caught my eye. Because.. Images Happen ! Welcome to my gallery, and thanks for stopping in. And please come back from time to time and look for new photos which I add all the time!

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Dr. Umesh Krishna(non-registered)
Dear Gary,

Its been a pleasure meeting you at EBC. I was really surprised to see you doing that adventure hike, and happy to see you completing it.
I look forward to see you sometime in near future. Take care, keep enjoying beautiful nature and do keep in touch on my personal email - [email protected]

Gary, you are an artist! I love your seeing things through your eyes.
Good job. I have gone through most of the images you have shared and they are actually good. You have tried to offer a different perspective of what we are usually used about. And I really did loved that concept.

Amazing pictures, Gary!
Thanks for always having your camera at hand for our events!
Peter Lekisch(non-registered)
I look forward to talking with you this weekend. Your website is impressive and your photo goals seem to be like mine. There are many beautiful images out there to take that make others and myself happy. Pete
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